Meet the Team

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience that we combine to ensure you get the best possible service. Meet our fantastic team who are dedicated to producing special products for special occasions, providing excellent customer service and offering exceptional in stock availability. Click a team member to learn a little more!

Chairman & CEO

Mike Forder

The buck stops with me!

Date started: I joined as full time Executive Chairman in September 2007.

My favourite nights of the year are Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve – and for the sake of my marriage I’d have to say Valentine’s Day.  We hold a drink and nibbles party at home every Christmas Eve for family and close friends, it’s always a hoot until I bore everybody rigid by the annual traditional recital of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’. News Year’s Eve I go to a local hotel with my wife for a black tie and posh frock dinner and disco. Valentine’s Day is a civilised, romantic affair at home with me cooking the dinner, pouring champagne and providing Creative Party’s Valentine decorations of course. My favourite products by a long margin are our Snowman and Snowdog ranges. The Snowman™ has been a Christmas ritual in my house for over 30 years and I am delighted that our company helps to continue this tradition via the great party and cake decorating products we offer. Where am I at parties?…pouring the drinks of course!

Product & Marketing Director

Holly Bryony Forder

A pretty broad role covering new product development, trade shows, website, brochure production and lots, lots more!

Date started: Sept 2011

Lots of my friends have been getting engaged or married recently, so I would have to say at the moment my favourite parties are a combo of the hen parties (or hen weekends as it tends to be!) and then the weddings! Without fail…I’m always found on the dance floor – normally with a prosecco or mojito in hand! Seeing as I manage the range, I obviously love all our products; but anyone that knows me will know I favour anything pink, glittery or girly! I really love the glitter candles and our glitter table decorations which make such a sparkly statement.

Sales Director

Susan Russell

Managing the sales team and account manager for export customers

Date started: May 2010

The best party I’ve ever been to is impossible to name – too many fantastic parties! But my favourite type of party has to be a milestone birthday – it’s a great opportunity to go over the top indoors and outdoors on décor, tableware and balloons to make it memorable (embarrassing even!) for the birthday boy or girl. Amongst my favourite products are the disposable tableware and cutlery for practicality, and a combination of our foil balloons and glitter table decorations for fun. I’ll typically found near the bar at parties!

Contact Number:07791 890457

Product & Marketing Manager

Shayna Bowles

Making sure we’re developing amazing new products and you know all about them!

Date Started: August 2018

I love any excuse for a party so it’s difficult to pin down a favourite! I’d say small celebrations amongst close friends, with good food and good music are ideal, and my family have always made such a fuss over Halloween and Christmas, so seasonal themed parties are a personal favourite. You’ll most likely find me on the dance floor or monopolising the karaoke microphone (after 1 or 2 gin-&-tonics!). We have so many fun products but my favourite have to be the photobooth props – they’re great icebreakers and have a tendency to get even the most camera shy party goers involved in the action!


Head of Finance

Liam Dell

In charge of the money and numbers

Date started: 28th April 2015

I love the summer parties – the beach and BBQ’s are all I need to be happy…and pinching a few paper plates from work always helps keep the washing up to a minimum! You will always find me in the kitchen at parties.  My favourite product has got to be the sugarcraft we produce. Firstly, because I have a very sweet tooth, but I also think the design and skill that goes into the handmade production of these lines is amazing!

Head of Operations

Andrea Di Francesco

Think about the usual working routine, where you never learn anything new…well my role is far from it!

Date started: November 2016

The best party I ever been to was my wedding party! It was just unreal. We were right by the sea, surrounded by palm trees, not one cloud in the sky. We had an open bar with unlimited drinks, music for all my guests; who were dancing from the early afternoon till late night. The bill was astronomical and the headache the day after even bigger…but it was worth it!! Gold Glitter Milestone Table Decorations are my favourite Creative Party product as they look great at a party and are incredibly glamorous.


Katrina McGowan

I help with customers and purchasing

Date started: Started with the company when I was 17 (I won`t admit to how many years ago that was!)

My favourite parties are summer barbeques with family.  You will usually find me in the kitchen making my famous homemade sausage rolls or sat in the garden with a cocktail (or six).   I can also be persuaded to join in if there is karaoke, without much arm twisting! My favourite products would be our edible decorations – as we can introduce new products easily if new trends appear during the year – also loving the unicorn ranges!

Operations Manager

John Draycott

In this role I wear many hats. I’m responsible for the building, its contents and anything that goes in and out of it.

Date started: 11th September 2000 – the longest I’ve been with any company, it’s always challenging, changing and exciting.

The best party I’ve ever been to was our 40th wedding Anniversary, I organised a surprise party for my wife; when she’s happy, I’m happy. My favourite kind of parties are family birthdays, BBQ`s and Christmas Day. I like the tablecovers because they look good and it saves my table from getting stained! What would a birthday be without the ceremonial blowing out of the candles (usually multiple times so all the grandkids can have a go). I’m usually chatting in the kitchen at parties – and I like the classic party games with the kids like pass the parcel. I love the photo props as you can lose your inhibitions when you’re behind them.

National & Key Account Manager

Fiona Lake

I look after the key accounts as well as some of our independent customers

Date started: I started with the company in 2013

My favourite products are our Christmas cake decorations and tableware! I absolutely love hosting our family Christmas.  So whether we are having our Christmas in November, because my son is flying out somewhere lovely to work for the winter, or whether we are having Christmas at the traditional time, we always have our table and cake decorations from Creative Party! I can’t take all the credit for dinner, but I am great at delegating!

Contact Number:07530 917622

Supply chain Analyst

Gabriel Stampfli

I oversee stock control

Date Started: February 2018

My favourite type of party would be a Christmas party or one that involves a BBQ but I would say the best parties are always the unplanned ones. For my 23rd a group of friends surprised me last minute and we kept the party going with rum and beers right up until the next day! My favourite product would have to be any of the cake decorations because after all, what is a celebration without a well-decorated cake and if it’s chocolate, Even better!

Sales Executive for Scotland and Ireland

Kellie McNie

I look after our independent and wholesale customers in Scotland and Ireland

Date started: December 2015 (just in time for the Christmas Party!!)

I love all types of parties but my favourites have to be a milestone birthday party or a BBQ (when the weather is right in Scotland!) I love having family and friends over and celebrating with them. At parties, I will almost always be found on the dance-floor or at the bar! My favourite products are our great new gold glitter table decorations and also our new photo booth props – they’re really good fun!

Contact Number:07875114529

Account Manager for French Speaking Territories

Lola Perez Toledo

¡Hola! Bonjour! Hello! If you are from Spain or from any French speaking country, I am your sales representative!

Date started: I was welcomed by the Creative Party family in April 2016.

One of the best parties I’ve ever been is the Notting Hill Carnival in London. What I love of it is the mix of cultures celebrating an important victory for Human Rights; everyone is dancing in the street with no inhibitions and it makes me feel like I’m in the Caribbean! My favourite type of party is any celebrated with my friends and family, no matter what the theme is. And I must confess that I like to put our polka dot banners everywhere at parties, as soon as I see an empty space! My favourite product this year is without any doubt our new gold glitter candles – they’re very trendy and that’s also the reason why they sell like hot cakes. If you find me at a party it would be absolutely on the dance floor or chatting on the terrace after having given my all!

Sales Executive for South of England

Ros Herbert

Looking after our independent and wholesale customers in the South of England

Date started: 1998 – the voice of experience!

Best party I have ever been to is toss up between my hen night and my wedding in 2015 – both were a lot of fun with close family and friends with fabulous balloons and décor. I love having parties at home where you can go over the top with décor – BBQ’s are always a favourite. I love to spend the long summer nights partying with family and friends. My favourite products are our fabulous gold glitter candles, combined with our gold glitter table decorations and the black and gold latex – it looks really striking…and where am I at parties? Drinking the drinks of course! (specifically Prosecco!)

Contact Number:07816 313747

Finance & Administration Assistant

Tina Doyle

The Rottweiler who phones you for payment but also opens accounts, arranges credit limits and various other accountancy tasks

Date started: 1976 (in a previous century with previous owners!)

I love a BBQ party on hot sunny days and nights with family and friends or a themed 70’s night with a disco! Our candle range is my favourite (but don’t want any on my cake this year!)

Customer Service Assistant

Wendy Luckett

My main task is to look after the UK customers but I am happy to help wherever needed.

Date started: September 2018

I am the first person who will arrange a gathering of any kind, with family/friends/colleagues or anyone who wants to have a fun. I LOVE FOOD (which is not so good for my ever-increasing waistline!!) and so anything with cooking or baking is always a bonus, plus everyone knows that a good party needs a dash or two of BOOZE!!

My best party was when I organised a joint 18th & 21st surprise party. We hosted it at a local community centre, and so they didn’t suspect where they were, I went the extra mile of organising sound effects of a busy restaurant. Once their blindfolds were taken off they were both speechless! The surprise worked a treat and the evening was really fun and memorable. I bake and decorate cakes, so my favourite product would be any of the edible sugar decorations, we make so many designs, it’s hard to choose just one.

Customer Service & Operations Assistant

Tasmin Wood

Split between customer service and operations – you never know what’s going to happen!

Date started: October 2018

There are a few amazing parties I’ve been too such as the time we went camping in the middle of February, with 100 layers on, snuggled around a cosy fire pit or the any of the times when friends have turned up un-announced, a bottle of wine in hand, ready to have fun. The best parties I have been too however are the ones that I have thrown for my ponies! They don’t happen too often though so a second favourite would have to be a party that simply has a bar and dance floor. You will usual find me on the dance floor, drink in hand, persuading my boyfriend to step away from the bar and join me. Our Unicorn Sparkle range is my absolute favourite, I own two beautiful ponies called Thor and Buca who I like to think of as my own ‘Sparkly Unicorns’ so this range is a clear winner for me.